Dating Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars

Now a plant of a successful company does not vary that much in production rate unless there is diversion to other products, as is likely partnerborsen erfahrungen a war binoculars? Or there is a cessation of materials or labour, which can also happen in war. These will have affected things in say to but it does seem likely that the numbers used in are a "funny" and one feels they datibg some for as well. Also note that there are gaps between zeeiss "Years lens" numbers, as for No, in end and No, for begin, where 30, numbers are "missing.

It seems likely that there was a carry binoculaes of numbers in some binnoculars from one year to the next, due to numbers being booked for a contract or sale in advance- or some such stuttgarter singles bewertung. There is a single frauen dachau feeling that inthe plant was actually normally making about 25, lenses.

Now going backwards, it is likely that production had built up slowly as labour was trained and plant designed and built, binculars that a typical serial number for might be No40, as suggested aboverather than No75, which would be the dating carl zeiss jena binoculars from No to say No, in After WW1, there is a rapid recovery of production, but again there are big fluctuations in the apparent yearly numbers produced.

There are also still gaps between the blocks of numbers dating carl zeiss jena binoculars to years. It does seem that production was set to rise steadily in the 's, even though there was a recession, and especially after the formation of Zeiss Ikon with the related rationalizations and a "captive" market. Thus bythere do seem to be someor more per dating carl zeiss jena binoculars, and then in the 's, up toornumbers per year used.

All this does also raise one point: Thus it is normal to find cases dating carl zeiss jena binoculars lenses were never made to match numbers reserved for xeiss. One is left with a feeling that early Zeiss lenses are rare and should be very desired items. An authentic list Carl Bonoculars supplied to a friend inwith the same general result, was as follows:


The Founders And The Zeiss Company Foundations: You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG, or JPEG. Just in the last few years, Carl Zeiss unveiled the Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars. Your Jenoptem is a Deltrintem model, which was built under that name from to The tested set of binoculars is year-old. Its optics is in equally good shape than the casing. It would be left up to one who could employ scientific methods of study, and then devise the mathematical formulas to characterize the physics of optics to make the next important technological leaps possible. That which funded photography and my new woodworking business. A Lens Collector's Vade Mecum, CD-rom Version 3F. Share August 11, This guide is in response to the number of fake or non-genuine Carl Zeiss binoculars being sold on E-bay. On 10 May Carl Zeiss submitted the required application to the Weimar authority where he requested permission to open a mechanical workshop. The next advantage is the field of view. Wolfgang Wimmer, Director of Carl Zeiss Archives , clarify, or expand content.

Date a pair of Zeiss NVA 7X40's

I have a pair of Carl Zeiss Jena /Stenor # X5 these binoculars also have a leather case.. both in really good shape. Looking for the. Zeiss Binocular Production Numbers, Military and Civilian Optics Forum. Join Date: Oct the list of (serial number) of Carl Zeiss Jena : CARL ZEISS JENA 8X30 swastika marked with lense. LIST OF ZEISS BINOCULARS FROM (JENA) AND BINOCULARS 8 x 20| FELDSTECHER | 82 || | FIRST SERIES, FLAT . PRIOR TO , BINOCULARS WERE IDENTIFIED WITH THE CARL ZEISS. To be specific DDR Carl Zeiss Jena multi-coated Jenoptem 8x30w binos. Look down the page until you get to Zeiss Binocular Production Numbers, can someone please point me in the right direction as to dating these. Legendary binoculars - Carl Zeiss Jena Deltrintem 8x30.

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