Dragon Age 2 Isabela Final Romance Scene

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If the Warden is female and Oghren is in the party, he will faint if the Warden and Leliana go to bed with Isabela. Go to your mansion and speak to Isabela, who should be near the writing desk. Origins was a peculiar thing. It's rare to see her in one place for long, but with her ship reduced to timbers, Isabela's had to content herself with whatever bounty Kirkwall has to offer. A video demoing the mod that allows you to repeat the Merrill romance scene at any point during the third act, provided you begin the romance in act 2. Isabela, Merrill, and Fenris have an additional gift that can be found during Act 3. Also, very funny cutscenes betwwen her and aveline if she's in your party when aveline asks you to deliver the "special" package to what's his face guard User Info: Hawke and company can agree to help Isabela in her quest by escorting her to meet Hayder, an enforcer of Castillon whom she worked with in Antiva. Gift 2 — Rivaini Talisman Act 3 Above - The talisman is in a storage box at the center-left portion of the map. If the romantic feelings are deeply embedded, she will return in the nick of time by the very end of Act 2. More Questions from This Game Question. At that point, you can condemn her to a life with the Arishok or just kill the Arishok. Isabela , a rogue pirate captain; Merrill , a young Dalish elf; Anders , an apostate mage who was formerly a Grey Warden ; Fenris , an elf and former Tevinter slave; and Sebastian , a DLC companion. Isabela fighting against Qunari Isabela plays a major role in Dragon Age II as a companion and possible love interest. She's equally skilled with dagger and insult, and it's hard to know which cuts deeper. Isabela-Warden-Alistair female Warden only Isabela-Warden-Leliana-Zevran Note: Note that if you fail to complete her Questioning Beliefs quest before her disappearance in Act 2, she may not return ever.

The romance scene for Isabela ; she's a rival with Hawke but I'm not entirely sure how it affects this scene. / Dragon Age 2 - Isabela Final Love Scene .. giving her to the arishock and you can just keep. Dragon Age 2 - Isabela Final Love Scene - Duration: 【XCV //】 , views · Dragon Age II. Fucks sake's Simon, little me was horrified by this. I just now remembered it. Props to you though, you though, I laugh at it now thinking.

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